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49 - Core Dessication

Zenkai Boost Goes to the Movies - Tree of Might

What's that under the tree? It's a bonus episode of Zenkai Boost! We took a vote earlier this year on on what our first movie episode should be, and you chose Tree of Might! The gang has slipped out of the timeline to go on a camping trip, but their fun is interrupted as the evil Saiyan Turles plants an evil tree that threatens to destroy the Earth! Grab some cocoa and gather round the fire for a very special holiday with the boys as we uncover some alarming details about the Son family and try to think of better reasons for Turles to look like Goku. Happy Holidays!

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48 - Thick With Energy

Goku has finally become a Super Saiyan, and Freeza finds himself on the receiving end of an incredibly satisfying beatdown! In today's episode of Zenkai Boost, Piccolo floats to heaven, Goku gives a high-powered executive handshake, and the boys acidentally write some crossover fanfiction.

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47 - The Change

Goku finally throws the spirit bomb! Is Freeza vanquished, or are things just getting started? Join the boys of Zenkai Boost for one of Dragon Ball's most iconic moments, as Freeza hits the anger line, Piccolo plays Get Down Mr. President, and Goku goes through second puberty.

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46 - Plot-Relevant Stalling

We're back, and Dragon Ball Z Kai is spinning its wheels just a little as Goku takes a break to solicit a cup of energy from the universe. Will he finish the Spirit Bomb before Freeza can look slightly upward and notice the giant ball of energy in the sky? Sit down with the boys and find out on today's Zenkai Boost!

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45 - Letting It All Hang Out

The tide of battle turns against our hero, and even Goku himself is worried he might not be able to get out of this one! Will a very unconventional visit from the afterlife help him find a path to victory? In today's episode, Goku gets waterboarded, Freeza gets racist, and Vegeta gets a little too comfortable.

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44 - Son Goku's Math Blaster

The battle between Goku and Freeza is heating up, as Freeza powers up even further and things begin to look very grim for our hero. Meanwhile, an old foe gets a second chance absolutely no one ever asked for. Celebrate International Podcast Day with the boys of Zenkai Boost, as Freeza tries to teach Goku math and everyone else gets brain worms!

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43 - Goku vs Planet

The showdown begins at last, and it turns out to be a very good thing most of the people on Namek are already dead. In today's episode of Zenkai Boost, Goku heals the planet with the power of his lasers, thinks up a shockingly good strategy, and plays a nasty game of pinball.

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42 - Triple V

The Zenkai Boost crew convenes with heavy hearts in today's episode, as we pay our respects and bid farewell to a fallen titan. Oh, Vegeta gets killed too. Shit.

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41 - King Furry

Vegeta steps up to the plate, and has an extremely bad day, while the boys of Zenkai Boost go on a deep dive of the Dragon Ball wiki and write some very good fanfiction. Buckle up, folks, this is a wild one.

40 - Freeza's Favorite Outfit

This is it, y'all. Freeza busts out his final form and things are looking ugly for everyone, especially the party's healer. Can our heroes pull out a victory, or will things get much, much worse before they get better? Gather round and wait out the storm with the latest episode of Zenkai Boost!

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